our story

our story

Since the start in 2008, CASONA has established itself as the creative heart of interior design in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

CASONA is a synergistic team of skilled European and Mexican designers who create out of the ordinary solutions to specific client demands, ranging from private residential projects to complex commercial developments.

CASONA’s signature aesthetic is informed by modern European design styles in combination with vibrant Mexican accents and traditional motifs. This complementary artistic direction has organically evolved a unique home living experience. Every creative element of a project is custom designed and crafted by the experienced in-house team and local artisans.

Deeply engrained in the CASONA philosophy is the importance of design collaboration, customer service and 100% client satisfaction. CASONA’s custom made furniture and soft furnishings are of the highest quality, made from carefully selected materials and a wide collection of handmade fabrics independently sourced throughout Mexico.

International creatives and local business owners in Playa del Carmen have been enjoying CASONA’s design ethos and vibrant energy for many years. CASONA has become a hip urban environment to become inspired, meet other creatives, enjoy great food & music at the ELEMENTO restaurant, or just to soak up the welcoming atmosphere and see new displays of stunning interior design.


Supporting traditional craft techniques means preserving both cultures and communities, while protecting indigenous skills passed down through generations. CASONA collaborates with a variety of highly experienced craftsmen and women-weavers throughout Mexico.

custom made

Everyone is different. At CASONA we custom design to the specific needs and desires of our clients, producing unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.


We design and manufacture pieces to last a lifetime, providing an eco-friendly alternative to mass-produced and disposable furniture. We choose to produce locally and try to keep transportation costs as low as possible.

quality & service

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.